International cargo operations

Thanks to many years of experience and competent staff, we will delivery our cargo anywhere in the world quickly and reliably.

Automobile transportation

Transportation of goods of any tonnage and volume by all types of rolling stock.
Delivery of complete, consolidated, dangerous goods.
Regular routes in Europe, CIS, Asia.

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Sea and Multimodal transportation

We cooperate with sea lines, integrated container operators and agents in the port. The main cargo traffic on imports: from the countries of Southeast Asia to the countries of Europe and the CIS;
The main export freight traffic: from the CIS countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine) to the countries of North and South America, Africa;

Transportation of goods by sea from the countries of Southeast Asia to the port of Vladivostok, followed by rail or road delivery to any region of the Russian Federation.
In addition to general cargo, we provide service for the transportation of dangerous and oversized cargo.

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Air transportation

Main directions: China, Taiwan, Korea, India, United Arab Emirates, Europe, CIS, USA, Canada, with subsequent delivery to all countries of the world.
Our partners are leading airlines such as Air China, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Aeroflot and others.
We deliver goods of any complexity, including those that require special transportation, namely hazardous and having batteries and rechargeable batteries.

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Rail transportation

We cooperate with direct operators of block trains, as well as with their representatives. We provide daily container shipping service from stations.


Shipping to Moscow is carried out from the stations: Ganzhou, XiAn, Changsha, Yiwu, Nanchang, Nanjing, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan. Transit time 16 days.
EXCEPT FOR: Zhengzhou - Moscow 16-20 days.

Shipping to Belarus is carried out from the stations: Ganzhou, XiAn, Changsha, Yiwu, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Chongqing. Transit time 18 days.
EXCEPT FOR: Zhengzhou-Brest 12 days, Zhengzhou-Minsk 17 days, Chongqing-Minsk 12 days.

Shipping to Europe is carried out from the stations: Zhengzhou, XiAn, Ganzhou, Changsha, Suzhou Wuhan, Chongqing. Transit time 20 days.
EXCEPT FOR: Zhengzhou - Mala14 - 15days,Ganzhou - Mala 15 days South Korea/Japan–Mala (viaChina).

Transit time from port to terminal: 26-28 days


It is possible to concolidation cargo from any region of China, followed by consolidation at the station terminal.

Prefabricated shipments to Moscow are carried out from the stations: Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan. Transit time 16 days. Zhengzhou - Moscow 18-19 days.

Combined shipments to Minsk are carried out from Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan stations. Transit time 18 days. Zhengzhou - Minsk 17 days.
Combined shipments to stations in Brest, Warsaw and Hamburg are carried out from Zhengzhou, Wuhan stations. Transit time of 20 days.
EXCEPT FOR: Zhengzhou - Brest 12 days, Zhengzhou - Warsaw 16 days, Zhengzhou - Hamburg 18 days.

Combined shipments to Ukraine (Kiev and Odessa) are carried out from Chongqing station. Transit time is 17-20 days.

There is a service for the export of groupage cargo to any EU country under customs transit.


We carry out rail wagon and container shipments in the CIS countries. The main corridor of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic region- Central Asia Region and back.
The overload at the border terminals at the junction of the gauge of 1435 mm - 1520 mm according to the scheme “railway - railway” or “railway - truck”.

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Oversized shipments

When transporting oversized and project cargoes, we develop and calculate complex schemes for the movement of goods, as well as carry out practical implementation of the transport project using the door- to-door system.

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Customs clearance

Services of the Customs Representative and Authorized Economic Operator, customs clearance of goods on the territory of the Republic of Belarus for residents of the Russian Federation with the optimization of customs duties on our contract.

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If you have actual directions and uploading for today or you are planning to do them, we can make a calculation and soon provide you with an offer with a price.

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